Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Keep hoping machine running." -Number 19 on Woody Guthrie's list of New Year's resolutions for the year 1942.

Lennon was born in 2011 and I became bigger person, and I’m not talking about the 57 lbs I gained during my pregnancy. I told some friends back in 2010, when I was hoping to get pregnant, that I imagined my heart expanding so I would be able to house the love for my child, the love for my family, and love for my work all together inside me. I thought of this largeness whenever I was confronted with fear and it usually made me braver. I became bigger than the fear and the volume of love I carried protected me. I grew last year but my expansion is not complete. In 2010 I wondered how a baby would fit into my life as an artist. In 2011 I wondered the opposite. I’ll be searching for answers in 2012 on a quest to become the big girl I really want to be.

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