Sunday, September 23, 2012

40 Days of Birthday: Day Two

The trade off was in my favor this morning: I left to sleep in while my husband played with Lennon. I did the same for him yesterday. The decadent part came when he also brewed my coffee and cooked the most delicious egg sandwich made with toasted, leftover baguette. Before heading out for the day, I cast my vote for U.S. President, Senator of California, and U.S. Representative for California, District 14 via my absentee ballot sent to me from San Mateo County Chief Elections Officer, Mark Church, participating in my country’s democracy from 9,000 kilometers away.

Our friends and neighbors, Aaron and his son Otis—just a few weeks younger than Lennon—were able to join us for the Kartoffelfest* this afternoon. Otis’s Mama, Kelly, was busy writing music for her new ensemble wherein she plays the flute—typical Mama stuff around these parts. In any event, it was nice for the boys to venture out on their own and for Mama Kelly to have time to work. I was the odd one out today, tagging along with the Papas and their sons. I did prove myself invaluable, however, having brought along a special Mama bag filled with extra drinks and snacks for babies—a detail sometimes overlooked by Papas when heading out on adventures.

The Kartoffelfest took place at a sweet organic farm, Domäne Dahlem, that always makes me forget we’re in Berlin. I procured a birthday bounty that included a robust potted Thyme, a loaf of fresh, organic bread, and two and a half kilograms of organic potatoes grown on the farm. Otis scored a lovely red, wooden car, handmade in Latvia, purchased for him by his Papa. While the babies snacked on Mama brought crackers and coconut water, the Papas and I drank organic Federweisser—a fermented grape juice—and ate organic Rostbratwurst. After a few hours, the wee babes began melting down so we counted our blessings and looked toward the exit—but not before sneaking in a tasty organic Pilsner, sealing our bliss.

*translation: Potato Festival

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