Saturday, September 22, 2012

40 Days of Birthday: Day One

Today is not my birthday but I’m starting the celebration early. This afternoon, I put on my birthday crown and hopped on a train to Tempelhof Airport with my husband, son, and a stroller wearing a brand new tire. We were given a nearly private serenade as we rode—not sure anyone else was listening---by an older gentleman on guitar covering the 1986 Chris De Burgh hit, Lady in Red. Lennon was captivated and, for that, our Chanteur earned a two euro coin. The old-airport-turned-park was windy, but not especially cold: perfection for kites. While there were enormous, flashy, animal shaped kites being flown in a cordoned off field—to a particularly German soundtrack of electronic house music—my favorite of the day was small, kite-shaped, and child-made, seen carried from the mayhem by the same child’s mama.

This evening, I opened a birthday gift I’d commissioned a couple of months ago from La Capra Canta, an artisan based in Italy. When it came in the mail in early August, I inspected it and promptly returned it to its pretty packaging. Now that it’s mine, I may never take it off.


  1. I adore your birthday crown. I imagine you made this magnificent couronne créateur extraordinaire.
    I like the way you set a good example of how to take care of and celebrate one's self. Happy, happy, happy 40 days of appreciation for your life. I may just emulate you on my 66th this Nov.

    1. Cecile--I did indeed make this crown and it was so fun to do!

      This idea was inspired by a friend who had done something similar for her, eh hem, much younger birthday. I'm taking the idea up a notch, but 40 is a big one! It's actually going to be a lot of work to treat myself to extraordinary adventures for forty days, which is why it absolutely should be done. I hope you'll do the same for your 66th!