Tuesday, October 9, 2012

40 Days of Birthday: Day Eighteen

Lennon stayed for naptime today at his Kita. When Nicholas and I went to pick him up, his teachers told us he fell asleep after just ten minutes. He was calm and smiling when we arrived. We went home as a family and got ourselves ready for our special Birth-Day journey.

We took a train to Grunewald, a beautiful forest right here in Berlin. I love forests. They are so fertile—the cycle of life and decay on their mossy floors. It had just rained so the forest was especially sparkly. We wore our galoshes for freedom of exploration.

A little friend of ours attends the Waldschule at the Waldmuseum in Grunewald. His mama drops him off at the forest school and he gets to learn and play amongst the trees. So very magical.

It was an autumn forest today. My father’s love for science and horticulture has made its mark on his daughter—I was so very excited to see all of the mushrooms! I also collected a king’s ransom worth of acorns. I’d have gathered more but they wouldn’t have fit in my pocket. I have a special craft project in mind using their tiny acorn hats.

On the way back to the train station, I was green with envy when I spotted a small house and garden—someone is lucky enough to live in a little cottage on the edge of Grunewald.

Grunewald Bahn Station includes Gleis 17, a historic track from which about 50,000 Jews were deported to concentration camps during the Holocaust. Today, a thoughtful memorial stands on both sides of the track.

As we waited for our train, I saw a woman who looked as though she might have been alive during World War II. I wish I could ask her what she thinks about Berlin and war and how to not give up on a city.

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