Thursday, October 11, 2012

40 Days of Birthday: Day Nineteen

Today was a bit of a mirror image of last Wednesday. My excuse—I was feeling a bit under the weather and tired. Our son spent an entire half-day at Kita without Nicholas or I, including naptime. I had a doctor appointment in the morning but afterward decided to take advantage of childless time and bang out a couple of baby boy Halloween costumes, one of which must be ready by Sunday. Everything felt achy as I worked with as little effort possible. Maybe I’m being too ambitious with these animal suits when I’m feeling unwell, but I’m a sucker for sewing projects, even during my Birth-Days.

I had a fitting with the birthday boy whose mama was happy with how accurate it looks and how cozy the material is. I’d like to show you process photos but I’m afraid they would give away the secret of the animal species’ I’m making. There will be a grand reveal, of course. For those who saw the pattern cover in last week’s blog: I’m neither making a monkey nor a lamb.

I took an afternoon nap to revive myself for my class at Tatwerk—still just observing. I reckon the more I go and get a feel for where the students are in their work the better I’ll be able at sharing my knowledge with them. More times than not I’ve just had to jump into a classroom cold with no previous information about the students whatsoever. I’m very grateful to have the luxury of familiarity at Tatwerk—with this new curriculum, these new students from all over the world—except the U.S.—in this country where I’m still struggling to understand the culture.

No matter how tired and lousy I feel, being in the studio makes me forget about myself. My passion for the Work comes into the forefront. I actually felt physically better being at Tatwerk tonight. I’m going to try and remember this when I make my perfectionist’s excuses for not doing something, because I believe this could apply to any activity that I allow myself to be fully immersed in and present for. A walk in the Forest with My Family and the Lady Castle are both good examples. In any case, as was the situation last week, I came home inspired, my aches and pains and unfinished stitches forgotten.

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