Thursday, September 20, 2012

Turning 40

Of course, I’m not the first person to reach the age of 40 but I am someone who has been spoiled more than most on her birthdays. Thusly, I prefer to not let my birthday pass without recognition--like some other, more grounded souls can--and this milestone of a birthday is hardly an exception. You see, Folks: next week, I enter middle age---or truly what I hope is middle age, or the middle age(s), so as to not give myself such a specific stopping point---and the celebration has got to be big. I calculated that it was too much pressure to put on just one day and decided to spread my birthday out over several---40, to be exact. Starting a couple of days before my actual birthday, Amy Cole Farrell’s Forty Days of Birthday will begin. It will be part mini midlife crisis, part soulful journey. It will be a lot of work to maintain festivities for over a month, but I had a revelation earlier this year: I managed to keep myself alive for 40 years! A grand recognition should be made.

I’m not interested in scheduling the joy out of these 40 days, but I do have some ideas about stuff to do. I’ll still have to do things like raise my child, be a wife, clean house, and research my PhD, but beyond the daily of life, I’ll present myself with exceptional tasks each day. I would love suggestions.

Visit museums
Spend an entire day speaking only German
Bake and decorate a cake
Sit in silence for 30 minutes
See movies
See live music
Drink champagne
Perform a premeditated, random act of kindness
Visit castles
Work in the studio
Dig for potatoes
Throw a dinner party
Teach a class
Crack the spine of Mastering the Art of French Cooking
See theatre
Take a dance lesson
Spend an entire day just playing with my son
Make myself a birthday crown
Fly a kite

The beauty of the best-laid plans is that they are bound to be interrupted by even more delicious prospects. Anything could happen in these 40 days. Sadly, I don’t wake up every morning with the same wonder and presence I hope to have during my Birth-Days. It won’t be without its challenges but maybe I’ll emerge transformed, with 40 priceless gifts.

Photo: Me, on my 35th Birthday, celebrated in 1 day.


  1. Much happiness, Amy. Enjoy your well deserved 40 days for 40 years!

    1. Hope--Thanks so much, friend! Glad to see you are doing so well. Much love to you!