Thursday, January 5, 2012


Every January I get inspired to take on new projects. I also envision setting new patterns of greatness for the new year. You may recall my wanting to lose the baby weight and get running again? Those tasks are most definitely included in the upcoming greatness to yet be accomplished. My husband bought me Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child for Christmas and it has inspired me. And, fear not, I am aware the blog on that one has already been famously done, thank you very much. We will not be eating rich, decadent French food most of the time this year, but on occasion, I’d like to make my husband and our friends an elegant dish from the book. I also have a sizable pile of sewing projects I’d like to complete this year, a couple of which I have already gladly promised to make for one person or the other. And then there’s the ever-looming scrapbooking that always lingers on the backburner. I am the family archivist, after all. I’m proud of this title, even if I was crowned thusly because no one else wanted the job. I’ve also concocted a few more crafting ideas using some family artifacts that I’ll be trying my hand at after our trip this summer to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I’ll retrieve the artifacts and gather less expensive ‘American Made’ (read: cheap imported) crafting materials. I’ll post here about these makings when they come about. Let’s see, what else for this year? Oh yes, I’ll be starting my PhD in the fall. This is an independent research PhD, but what it lacks in course work demands it more than makes up for in personal accountability. The first academic year I’ve set for literature review and lots of organization of thoughts. A good, old-fashioned ‘hunkering down’ with some dense reading and a highlighter. More about my research can be found here, but please forgive my website and its many typos and formatting errors, not to mention its design. It’s still a work in progress. And I’m also very keen to bone up on my German this year via some independent study, again this will be a personal accountability gig. And that, ladies and gentleman, is what I plan on tackling in my 2012 ‘Frei Zeit’ when I’m not performing my full-time job as mother to Lennon and wife to Nicholas (though these days we both agree that Nicholas and I take the back seat to Baby Boy.)

But today, I am tired. I’m still waiting for 2012 to give me the kind of energy I had before pregnancy. The kind of energy I had when I tackled grad school, and SITI Company training, and wedding planning not two years ago. Lack of sleep, a re-regulating Thyroid gland, thirty extra pounds, too much sugar, and dusty running shoes are the culprit for my sleepiness, I’m afraid. Today I’m blaming it mostly on my Thyroid (personal accountability, anyone? Amy?) But no matter. Since writing this post—with one hand, mind you, nursing an infant in my lap—I have downed a cup of coffee and feel slightly better. More on my coffee sins in later posts as I struggle to go back to green tea. Like with parenthood, I’ll be taking 2012 one day at a time. Which is how I’ve taken all of my years, I suppose, metaphorically or not.

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