Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Right. As you may have noted in my last post, I gained 57 lbs during my pregnancy last year. The good news is that I lost nearly 30 lbs during the labor and the few weeks following. This still puts me nearly 30 lbs overweight. My husband was also a victim of pregnancy weight gain, though at over 6’ tall, it doesn’t show as much on his frame. Nonetheless, we are determined to get cute again this year. Not to mention that we would like to get pregnant again this year (much later this year) and need to be healthy. I have always had success with the Weight Watchers program and that’s the path we’re taking. It’s not as sexy as more drastic approaches like going gluten free or cutting sugar or eating raw, but frankly, after caring for an infant all day, I’ll require a bit of chocolate and my husband surely deserves at least a beer nightly. Of course exercise will play a large role. We were competitive runners prior to our journey to parenthood and can’t wait to literally dust off our running shoes and move again. For your information, this blog will not be solely about weight loss, though many great ones are, including my sister’s (more to come on that if she chooses to make her journey public,) but you may hear me occasionally bespeak my triumphs and disappointments along the way. Today, I sit down, with infant on my lap, to plan some meals, a shopping list, and a strategy.

By the way: Lennon’s ornament (January 1, 2012) was made by one of my favorite artisans, Paloma’s Nest

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