Monday, October 29, 2012

40 Days of Birthday: Day Thirty-Five {Looks Like We Made It: Schneidersitz Sewing Store}

I have received a commission to make one of my birthday crowns! I’ve made several beyond the ones you’ve seen on Lennon or myself, but these are usually paper based and thrown together in a hurry a few hours before the birthday celebration. Like the paper crowns, this request is for a grown-up but something more permanent is wanted. I plan on using new and vintage material already in my inventory but I have a special vision in mind so need some additional trimmings.

Today I headed to a tiny sewing store that I discovered with Lennon when we first moved into this neighborhood. Lennon and I went for an epic walk one day, got lost and found ourselves in front for Schneidersitz. It was closed—it being Sunday—but I’ve wanted an excuse to go back during business hours ever since. They have a sweet little website that provides just the essential information plus a few pictures of what they have in stock. Since we’d gotten lost finding it last time, I mapped it out for us before heading there today.

With a meeting at 6pm, we were a bit rushed in going to Schneidersitz. With Lennon staying home from Kita, still under the weather, and nap schedules, we left later in the day than I’d planned. Schneidersitz is small and I knew that if I’d kept my wits about me I could get out of there in a half an hour. I made a quick run to the bank—often little shops are cash only or have a minimum to use your bank card—and we were off. Our map said it would take us seventeen minutes to get there and as we saw the shop from across the street, I glanced at my iphone. Much to my delight, we’d gotten there in record time. Also, with all my rushing to get us out of the house, I somehow had added another hour. It was only 4pm, not 5pm as I’d thought! We’d have a luxurious amount of time at Schneidersitz.

Lennon was in good spirits as well and seemed happy to be out of the house. We were the only people in the tiny shop and I was able to park Lennon’s stroller just inside and navigate the trimmings while he babbled away. The woman behind the counter was stoic but began to warm when I actually had her cut some goods, a clear sign I was going to buy. I did make her do a little work as I couldn’t decide on a particular trim and she had to get several down and return several others. After the cuttings were made I did a little more browsing. The counter lady gave Lennon a colorful card to entertain him. He was delighted. I paid for my items, including a little grab bag of discontinued trim for just 3 euro, and was pleasantly surprised by the prices.

Before I left, I mentioned to the counter lady—all in German—that I have a sewing blog and asked if she minded if I took some photos. She probably wondered what I was going to do with the giant SLR camera around my neck. She graciously obliged.

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