Sunday, October 21, 2012

40 Days of Birthday: Day Thirty {Guest Writer: Nicholas}

Over the course of the last 29 days, as husband to Amy and father to Lennon, I have been especially immersed in the writing that is this forum. This morning, Amy woke up feeling pretty lousy so we came onto the idea of having me provide the post for the day. Although not my first time blogging, this is my first post for connieandvi, so please bear with me. 
Your regular service will resume tomorrow. 

This morning’s (partial-)family adventure brought us to Gleisdreieck Park for the celebration of a second birthday for one of Lennon’s wee friends, Leila. She is the beautiful daughter of one of my childhood friends, Matt, and one of my favorite colleagues, Laura, so needless to say, we were excited. Last year, we arrived beyond-fashionably late to her first birthday party due to the fact that a six-week old baby was running our schedule. We set off early this morning, aiming to arrive at Gleisdreieck just at the invited 10:00 time, so as to avoid a repeat performance. 
Bordering the neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Schöneberg, the historic Gleisdreieck (literally ‘rail track triangle’) area stands as a metaphor for the changing and tumultuous nature of Berlin’s past. 

Opened just after the turn of the century, in the year 1902, the Gleisdreieck area has served Berlin as a junction point for out of town trains, as a rail yard for neighboring stations and as well as an end station for trains traveling east during years in which the city was divided. In addition to an U-Bahn station, Gleisdreieck is currently home to a large urban park. The first half the park was opened last year, while the Westpark is scheduled to open in 2013.

This being our first visit to the park, Lennon and I were keen to explore its friendly confines. Entering at the southern gate, we immediately noticed the way in which the developers stayed true to the history of the site by incorporating some of the features of the rail yard into the park’s design aesthetic.

A play area allows children to enjoy the wilds of the non-landscaped park. 

The early bird checking out the spread.

The birthday girl.
Lennon’s agenda for the two hours in which we were there included:
-Playing in the cedar chips
-Playing in the sand
-Meeting new friends 
-Getting dirty

At noon we headed west towards home and the sweet boy easily fell asleep on the U7His midday nap showed all the signs of a good morning as he stayed asleep for a record three hours, resting sweetly and dreaming of playgrounds. 

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  1. Bravo!!! I enjoyed your unfolding and informative account of your outing and especially liked the early bird photo and caption.