Saturday, October 13, 2012

40 Days of Birthday: Day Twenty-One

Nicholas went to a football match tonight with his friend Stephen, the one person my husband knows who’s more excited about the game than he is. Stephen runs No Dice Magazine, an English language journal about Berlin Football. Going to a game with Stephen can include press room access and pretty good seats. I was happy for Nicholas.

I was happy for Amy, too. Home alone tonight, I would have a mommy moment. Lennon was in bed asleep just after Nicholas left for his game. I had some sewing to do on the little animal costumes but told myself I’d stop at 9pm to focus on me. Even though I didn’t finish as much as I’d set out to, true to my word, I put everything down at 9pm and started running the bath water.

On my Actual Birthday, I bought myself a six-euro “bath bomb” from Lush. It has been sitting on a shelf in our bathroom, still in the bag, for over two weeks. The bomb is called Phoenix Rising and Lush describes it as, “Royal purple and gold-dusted, with a cinnamon stick in the center, this gorgeous bomb sinks to the bottom of the tub when you toss it in, and slowly rises up, fizzing out a spicy apple and cinnamon scent,” fulfilling its metaphor. I hadn’t bothered with the German description on the bag—I’ve used Lush products before and they’re all good—I only discovered the above after the fact. It did do exactly what its description said and, maybe it’s been too long since I’ve taken a bath without a baby with me, but the effect was lovely and magical.

It sat at the bottom of the tub as it filled. I was cold so got in well before the bath was full. The bomb started fizzing from within and started spurting out aqua goodness. The water began to take on a disturbing color but I tried to think less about Jean-Paul Marat and Charlotte Corday and more about the flames associated with the bomb’s namesake. The cinnamon stick was there and such a sweet surprise. I love our bathtub and started to think of all the things I could buy to make this experience even better. A bath pillow is being seriously considered.

Muscles relaxed and skin silky smooth, I spent the rest of the night in bed, meditating my way to a deep sleep.

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